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Referral Commission API

This document contains APIs related to referral commissions. You can obtain the referral identifier through the User Details interface. The referral identifier is data.ref, with the default being m.(Mixin ID). Some users may have sub-accounts created by bots, without a Mixin ID, and will return other identifiers. To receive a commission during transactions, simply include the referral identifier in the memo.

Register for Referral Commission

For those who do not want to register as ExinOne users but still wish to receive referral commissions, you can actively register your referral information. It's a simple process - just transfer 0.00000001 EPC to the ExinOne bot, with the memo set to RVgjUkVGX1JFRw==.

Transfer Memo Specification

Separate each field with # and encode using BASE64:


Register for Referral CommissionEXREF_REG

For the following content:


Encode it using BASE64 to get:


Once registration is successful, you will receive an EPC transfer from ExinOne. After decoding the BASE64 content of the memo, you will obtain a JSON object with the following content:

    "f": "xx-xxx-xxx", // trace_id
    "ref":"m.xxxxx", // Referral identifier

Referral Commission Statistics

GET /referral_statistics/me

This interface returns data related to referral commissions.


AuthorizationstringBearer token


    "code": "0",
    "success": true,
    "message": "",
    "data": {
        "percentage": "0.1", // Commission rate
        "ref": "m.3740051", // Referral identifier
        "usdtAmountTotal": "0", // Total USDT amount obtained through commissions
        "epcAmountTotal": "0.195", // Total EPC amount obtained through commissions
        "count": 1 // Total number of commission transactions
    "timestampMs": 1682058015939